Add and Manage Agents, Resellers, and Affiliates With Orioly

📢New Feature Announcement 📢

Distribution is THE feature we at Orioly have been working on for the last few months💪

The Distribution feature helps you establish and grow your distribution network.

From now on, by using Orioly you can easily add and manage your agents, resellers, and affiliates.

How does this feature help your tour business?

If you are a tour operator or own a small travel agency, having an online booking engine that’s also a sales and distribution platform, makes all the difference.

With the Distribution feature, you can:

☑️ Add agents to distribute your tours

☑️ Find new business partners

☑️ Resell tours and activities

☑️ Increase business visibility and have a wider reach

Check out the video and learn how to partner with various websites, broaden your brand visibility, and attract a wide range of customers with ease.

👉Find out more about the Distribution Network and how you can use it to grow your network here:

Orioly is an booking and distribution software built for tour operators and small travel agencies.

With Orioly you can successfully manage bookings and your entire tour operator business from a single location. Anytime, anywhere.

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Online booking and distribution system for tour operators and small travel agencies.

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